pilastriThe house' s design was made in 1958 by a well-known engineer in Turin, Luigi Gatti


At the time the two streets nearby (now dedicated to musicians Puccini and Rossini) were "to be named" and all spaces around were bare ground


At the beginning the design were for a wide cellar and two floors above.

The structure was already antisismic at the time, with 16 strong concrete pillars at a constant distance and connected each other



Actually only the first floor was made, not the two flats at the second floor.


casa dei nonniMy grandfather Michele Omegna took care of a rich vegetable garden, with also flowers and a chicken breeding.

My grandmother Rosa Pipino took care of the home and cooked wonderfully.

My grandparents leaved in the early 80' s and my father Luigi made a limited renovation of some parts of the building. 

In the late 1999 I began to develop the passion for cooking, following various professional training and doing practice in restaurants and agriturismo.




*********In 2012 I inherited the house and the idea came in my mind: realize the first design of the house, but making a restaurant and a B&B in addiction of a flat for me and my family.

 The design was entrusted to the architect Mauro Raimondo from Pianezza, that mantained also the antisismic structure


The works began in the early 2014 and ended in Jan 2015


casa****Cleaning and putting in order all the stuff, I' ve found in the house a lot of objects from the past. So I had also the idea to make a MUSEUM af the old times of italian echonomic boom: the first radio and TV, electronic instruments, home appliances and furniture.


That is how the three areas of "Casa dei Nonni" were born

casa a - progetto casa 1
progetto casa
casa a - muretto di cinta
casa a - cancellata via puccini
casa a - scavo
casa a - plinti
casa a - piano terra
casa a - pilastri
casa a- solaio
casa a - strutura tetto
casa 10
casa 9

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